Taiki Town in Hokkaido received the Minister's award for the Corporate "Furusato" tax payment


Taiki Town received the Minister’s award for the Corporate “Furusato” tax payment which is donation system from companies to local government like Taiki Town.

From left, Minister Okada and Mayor Sakamori

SPACE COTAN CEO Odagiri also participated in a talk session.

The award ceremony was held in Tokyo, where Naoki Okada, Minister of State for Special Missions, Cabinet Office, presented Mayor Sakamori with a certificate of commendation. Minister Okada called the town’s efforts “a model for others utilizing the Corporate “Furusato” tax payment system.
Afterwards, Mayor Sakamori made a presentation on the development of HOSPO using the Corporate “Furusato” tax payment system, as well as on the town’s efforts to develop a cluster of space-related industries.
Mr. Chikahiro Terada, President of Sansan Corporation and Chairman of Kamiyama Marugoto Technical College, and Mr. Odagiri, CEO of SPACE COTAN, who have been promoting the Corporate “Furusato” tax payment took the stage to discuss the theme of “Regional Development and Possibility of the Corporate “Furusato” tax payment.

CEO Odagiri (right) talking with Kamiyama Marugoto Technical College President Terada (center)

Encouraged by this award, we will continue to develop the spaceport to make it more accessible to domestic and foreign rocket operators and experimental organizations, while utilizing donations from the Corporate “Furusato” tax payment system. We hope that you will continue to support our efforts to create a “Silicon Valley of the Space Industry” where the aerospace industry is concentrated in Hokkaido, with HOSPO as its core.