In FY2021, Taiki Town's Corporate "Furusato" tax payment was 730 million yen, the second largest in Hokkaido.


Taiki Town, Hokkaido (Main office: Hiroo district, Taiki Town, Hokkaido; Mayor Masato Sakamori) received for the Corporate “Furusato” tax payment, donation system from companies to local government in FY 2021, which were used as project funds for Asia’s first commercial public spaceport “Hokkaido Spaceport (HOSPO)”, amounted to JPY 728 million.

This makes it the second-highest donation amount in Hokkaido. It is also the sixth-highest donation amount nationwide, and the number of donations, at 80, is the highest in Hokkaido. The amount of corporate Furusato Nozei donations for Daiki Town, Hokkaido in fiscal year 2020 was JPY 93.5 million with 6 donations, showing a significant increase compared to the previous year.

Background of the increase in donation amount

Formation of a Silicon Valley of the Space Industry centered around the spaceport and empathy towards revitalizing the Japanese economy

The reasons for the significant increase in donations for Taiki Town in FY 2021 include the full-scale operation of HOSPO in April 2021, the establishment of the business promotion company SPACE COTAN, the consecutive success of private rocket launches at HOSPO, and the growing momentum for the accumulation of aerospace industry in all of Hokkaido.
In addition, nationwide, the Corporate “Furusato” tax payment system has seen an increase in the deduction rate due to tax reforms in FY 2020, resulting in a 2.1 times increase in donations compared to the previous year, reaching 225.7 billion yen in FY 2021, and the number of cases increasing by about 2.2 times to 4,922 cases, both in terms of amount and number.

Moving forward, Taiki Town and SPACE COTAN will continue to work towards the realization of the vision of “creating a Silicon Valley of the Space Industry” by expanding Hokkaido Spaceport as soon as possible and continuing to solicit donations through the Corporate “Furusato” tax payment system and other means. They will support Japan’s space industry as an Asian hub spaceport and work on regional revitalization centered around the spaceport.