Taiki Town and SPACE COTAN have entered into a "partnership agreement" with CAMPFIRE for developing town by space and regional revitalization.


The first initiative of the partnership is crowdfunding on CAMPFIRE! The “Hokkaido Spaceport (HOSPO) LC-1 Crew” project will start accepting applications on October 4th.

HOSPO has already established a 1,000-meter runway and a rocket launch site (Launch Complex-0) for observation rocket launches, and it hosts private rocket launches, JAXA, and aerospace experiments conducted by universities. We are planning to build a new Launch Complex-1 (LC-1) for satellite rockets in FY 2023 and extend the runway by 300 meters for spaceplane (spaceship) experiments for space travel. So far, the HOSPO project has been supported by many companies and organizations, including the Hokkaido government and the Hokkaido Economic Federation. The corporate “Furusato” tax payment for this initiative has reached a total of 253.3 million yen from 25 companies. They have been utilizing the opinions and comments from everyone to promote the project. They also received requests from individuals who wanted to participate and support the project, leading to the implementation of this project on CAMPFIRE to involve more people in space development.

Taiki Town, Hokkaido (headquarters: Hokkaido Hiroo-gun Taiki Town, Mayor Masato Sakamori) and SPACE COTAN Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Hokkaido Hiroo-gun Taiki Town, President and Representative Director Yoshinori Odagiri), which promote Asia’s first commercial public spaceport “Hokkaido Spaceport (HOSPO),” announced that they have entered into a partnership agreement (hereinafter referred to as “this Agreement”) with CAMPFIRE Inc. (headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director Kazuma Ieiri) on October 1, 2021. The agreement aims to promote regional development and the creation of a town by space using crowdfunding.

Through this agreement, they will implement initiatives to support test marketing, PR, and fundraising for regional businesses and organizations involved in regional revitalization and aerospace-related ventures using crowdfunding, aiming for further regional revitalization. As the first project under this agreement, crowdfunding will be carried out through CAMPFIRE starting on October 4th.

Main initiatives based on this agreement>

  • When using purchase-type crowdfunding or hometown tax payment-type crowdfunding, individual advice on project design, PR, and promotion by CAMPFIRE.
  • Holding seminars and individual consultations on crowdfunding for regional businesses and providing crowdfunding know-how.

<The first project is crowdfunding to recruit fellow members to create HOSPO together.>

The CAMPFIRE crowdfunding campaign, which begins on October 4th (Monday), will recruit members to create HOSPO together, called “HOSPO LC-1 Crew.” The campaign runs until November 30th (Tuesday).

■ Crowdfunding Overview
Project name: Aim for space together as HOSPO LC-1 Crew at Hokkaido Spaceport! Duration: October 4th, 2021 (Monday) to November 30th, 2021 (Tuesday) Target amount: 10 million yen
Executor: Hokkaido Spaceport Project (SPACE COTAN)
Project URL link:
Usage: PR, sales, tourism product development, and HOSPO-related businesses.

■ Background of Crowdfunding on CAMPFIRE
Hokkaido Spaceport, Asia’s first commercial public spaceport, began full-scale operations in April 2021 as a complex facility for launching rockets and spaceplanes, including launch pads and runways, that can be used by rocket launch companies and everyone involved in the space industry worldwide. Hokkaido Spaceport is aiming to become a hub for space development in Asia, leveraging its location that allows rocket launches to the east and south, high sunny weather rate, and good access from airports and ports. It is working to further develop launch sites for artificial satellite rockets and expand runways.

At HOSPO, a 1000-meter runway and a rocket launch pad (Launch Complex-0) for observation rocket launches have already been established, and private rocket launches and JAXA or aerospace experiments by universities are taking place. In the future, we are planning to construct a new Launch Complex-1 (LC-1) for satellite rockets and extend the runway by 300 meters for spaceplane (spaceship) experiments for space travel by FY 2023. So far, the HOSPO project has been supported by many companies and organizations, including local organizations such as the Hokkaido government and the Hokkaido Economic Federation, and has received a total of 253.3 million yen in corporate hometown tax payments from 25 companies. They have utilized opinions and comments from supporters to promote the project. They have also received requests from individuals who want to participate and support the project, leading to the implementation of this project on CAMPFIRE to involve more people in space development.

Those who support the project will become fellow members of the “HOSPO LC-1 Crew,” who will work together to create HOSPO. As a return, they plan to deliver a special “LC-1 Crew Membership Card” that can only be obtained through this crowdfunding campaign.

By establishing a “space-version Silicon Valley” where aerospace-related businesses gather around Hokkaido Spaceport, Japan can become a world-leading presence in the space industry. A future where rockets and spaceships are routinely launched is a future where everyone can use and enjoy space. We want to create a future where space becomes commonplace and humanity evolves further. We look forward to your support in creating such a future together.

<Comments from HOSPO supporters>

■ Kazuma Ieiri (President and CEO of CAMPFIRE, Inc.)

I myself have been to Taiki Town in Hokkaido many times, and recently I donated funds for the development of the Hokkaido Spaceport (HOSPO), expecting it to become the “Silicon Valley of the Space Industry.” I believe that donating is an “investment in the future and the next generation.” I’m betting on the realization of a future where space becomes commonplace.

■ Hiroki Tomiyama (President and CEO of Satsudora Holdings Inc. / Representative Initiator of Ezo Foundation)

“Can you imagine the excitement of the space industry being born in Hokkaido?” Just thinking about it is thrilling, isn’t it? The potential of the space industry and how Taiki Town is suitable as the location have been explained in various places, and now the path to that future is steadily being drawn. Space Cotan will surely connect us more closely with space in the future. Satsudora is also supporting it, even if only modestly. Let’s make it everyone’s space industry together.

■ Ryuji Kawai (Captain of Consadole Relations Team)

As a club that is striving to make its presence felt in Asia and the world, based in Hokkaido, we believe it is extremely meaningful to have a mutually inspiring relationship with “Hokkaido Spaceport,” which is also approaching space with great hope from Hokkaido. Let’s work together to invigorate Hokkaido by learning from and encouraging each other.

■ Takehiko Orimo, President and CEO of Levanga Hokkaido

Levanga Hokkaido has the club slogan “From Hokkaido, to cheer for tomorrow,” which resonates with the idea of ​​invigorating the Hokkaido region. There are countless wonderful attractions and futures in space, basketball, and Hokkaido. By cooperating with each other, we hope to share the charm of Hokkaido with the world.

■ Soichiro Kanazawa, President and CEO of Hokkaido Tokachi Sky Earth Sports Co., Ltd.

Under the vision of creating a “Silicon Valley of the Space Industry” in Hokkaido, which Taiki Town has set forth, “Hokkaido Spaceport” is a significant step towards its realization. As a resident of Tokachi, I am delighted with this development. Although our fields are different, we share the same ambition to make Hokkaido and Tokachi better places. Together with SPACE COTAN Co., Ltd., we will contribute to sustainable development.

■ Takahiro Inagawa, President and CEO of Interstellar Technologies Inc.

The “Hokkaido Spaceport” being constructed in Taiki Town, Hokkaido, and our company, which is engaged in private rocket development, are both essential to the growth of the space industry in Hokkaido. Furthermore, I am confident that the existence of Asia’s first spaceport accessible to private companies worldwide will help resolve the issue of limited launch sites in the industry as a whole. Under the vision of “creating a future where everyone can reach space,” let’s work together to promote Taiki Town, Hokkaido, and propel the entire space industry forward.

<Company Profile>
Company Name : SPACE COTAN Co., Ltd.
Location : 183 Aza-Mebu, Taiki Town, Hiroo District, Hokkaido, Japan
Representative : Yoshinori Odagiri, President and CEO
Business : General project promotion work for HOSPO based on mandate from Taiki Town (management and operation of Hokkaido Spaceport, support for financing of maintenance, design of launch site, acquisition of government certification, development of domestic and overseas customers, PR activities, etc.), independent projects for space industry promotion, etc.
Hokkaido Spaceport:

Company Profile
Company name: CAMPFIRE Inc.
Location: Shibuya East Exit Bldg. 5F, 2-22-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Kazuma Ieiri, President
Business description: Planning, development and operation of crowdfunding business
CAMPFIRE Corporation:
Crowdfunding “CAMPFIRE”: