The "Space Business Conference: Hokkaido Space Summit 2021" will be held for the first time in Hokkaido on November 4th and 5th!


Three additional speakers, including Naoko Yamazaki from Space Port Japan, Shinichiro Miken from Sparks Innovation for Future, and Atsushi Noda from Our Stars, will join the Hokkaido Space Summit 2021, bringing the total number of speakers to 25.

The Hokkaido Space Summit Executive Committee (headquartered in Taiki Town, Hokkaido) has announced the timetable for the Hokkaido Space Summit 2021, a space business conference originating in Hokkaido, to be held in Obihiro City and Taiki Town on November 4th and 5th. Naoko Yamazaki, Representative Director of Space Port Japan, Shinichiro Miken, Representative Director of Sparks Innovation for Future, and Atsushi Noda, CTO of Our Stars Inc., have been added as speakers, bringing the total to 25. They will engage in passionate discussions about the space business as a new growth industry in Japan. Online tours (November 4th) to experience the recently opened “Hokkaido Spaceport (HOSPO)” in Taiki Town, as well as meetups (November 5th) where attendees can interact with the speakers, are also available for registration.

The theme is “Hokkaido, Open Port. – Connecting with Space. The Future Begins. -” The main event, the conference on November 5th, will feature a total of 25 key figures in Japan’s space business, discussing the latest trends and future predictions of the global space business, collaborations between space and other industries, and regional revitalization centered on space, from various perspectives.

In addition, on the first day (DAY 1), an online tour of the “Hokkaido Spaceport” will be conducted, guided by IST founder Takafumi Horie and others. On the second day (DAY 2), business salons and meetups will be held where attendees can interact with the speakers.

Through this event, we hope attendees will feel that space is surprisingly close to our daily lives, and individuals, companies, and organizations that have not been involved in space so far will gain interest and curiosity in its possibilities and future prospects, creating momentum for the growth of the space industry in Hokkaido.

<Three additional speakers confirmed!>

The profiles of the three additional speakers are as follows.

  • Naoko Yamazaki, Representative Director of Space Port Japan

In 2010, she participated in the International Space Station (ISS) Assembly and Resupply Mission STS-131 aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery. After retiring from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in 2011, she has served as a member of the Cabinet Office Space Policy Committee, Representative Director of Space Port Japan, President of the Japan Space Youth Association (YAC), and a council member for the Earthshot Prize, which aims to solve environmental issues.

  • Shinichiro Migaku, Representative Director of Sparks Innovation for Future, Inc.

Until 2019, he was a member of Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, where he served as an executive officer and head of the CVC organization, responsible for venture investments and business development in Europe and the United States. Since joining Sparks Group Co., Ltd. in 2019, he has established the “Space Frontier Fund” with investments from major companies, aiming to contribute to the growth of Japanese space companies that can compete globally.

  • Atsushi Noda, CTO of Our Stars, Inc.

Born in 1960, he graduated from Waseda University. After working at JAXA for 36 years, he retired in the spring of 2021 and is now the CTO of Our Stars, Inc. He has always been involved in the research and development of new spacecraft and has been working on the development of ultra-small satellites since his time at JAXA.

He is also one of the founding members of the “Natsu no Rocket Dan,” which became the foundation of Interstellar Technologies. His motto is “If you try, you can achieve.”

  • Key players in the space business, a total of 25 speakers will take the stage!

Here is the list of speakers:

  • Masato Sakamori, Mayor of Taiki Town
  • Yoshinori Odagiri, President and CEO of SPACE COTAN Co., Ltd.
  • Takafumi Horie, Founder of Interstellar Technologies Inc. and President and CEO of Our Stars Inc.
  • Takahiro Inagawa, President and CEO of Interstellar Technologies Inc.
  • Hidetaka Aoki, Space Evangelist and Co-Founder & Director of Space Port Japan
  • Shoichiro Asada, Executive Officer of Synspective Inc. and Fellow at Japan Space Forum’s Space Policy Research Center
  • Kazuma Ieiri, President and CEO of CAMPFIRE Inc.
  • Masaharu Uchiumi Aeronautics and Astronautics System Research Center, Professor at Muroran Institute of Technology
  • Yuta Kikuchi, J-SPARC Producer at JAXA’s New Business Promotion Department and Director of SPACE FOODSPHERE
  • Naomi Kurahara, Co-founder and CEO of Infostellar Inc.
  • Shinichiro Kengaku, President and CEO of Sparks Innovation for Future Inc.
  • Motoki Korenaga, Director of Space Industry Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
  • Atsushi Sakamoto, Assistant Manager of JGC Corporation’s Future Strategy Division and CVC Front Team Leader
  • Shunsuke Tsuboi, President and CEO of Sagri Inc.
  • Hiroki Tomiyama, President and CEO of Satsudora Holdings Inc. and Representative Initiator of Ezo Foundation
  • Tomoya Nakamura, President and CEO of Axelspace Corporation
  • Kohei Nishida, President and CEO of TOWING Inc.
  • Atsushi Noda, CTO of Our Stars Inc.
  • Yasuyuki Hamada, CEO and Founder of Agriculture Information Design Co., Ltd.
  • Ken Fujiwara, President and CEO of Umitron Inc.
  • Masahiro Hori, Chief (General) of Oita Prefecture’s Space Development Promotion Team, Advanced Technology Challenge Division, Commerce, Industry, Tourism, and Labor Department
  • Masakazu Mito, President and CEO of Japan Creation Investment Co., Ltd.
  • Akihide Manabe, President and CEO of SPACE WALKER Co., Ltd.
  • Naoko Yamazaki, Representative Director of Space Port Japan