Your one-stop launch site from the Test bench to the Orbit. Hokkaido Spaceport has been established for world-wide shared use spaceport.

Hokkaido Spaceport (HOSPO) is the first public spaceport in East Asia, located in Taiki-town, Hokkaido, Japan. HOSPO will support the global space business industry as a infrastructure, provide a comfortable development and a business environment for many operators, launchers, manufacturers, etc.,


  • Launch applicable to both east and south direction.

    It is suitable for orbit insertion of satellites into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) by east-side launch and polar orbit by south-side launch.

  • Accessible by anyone.

    Aerospace-related companies and research institutions are welcome to use the Hokkaido Spaceport's rocket launch site, experimental facilities, and runways.

  • Good access and Comportable stay

    Within 2.5 hours from Tokyo, Taiki-town has a full range of facilities, including hotels, restaurants, spas, etc.


We will introduce various services to support Vertical Launch Vehicle and Spaceplane experiments.

Launch Support

There are a variety of facilities, resources and support services that are available to assist your operations for both orbital and sub-orbital launches.Facilities : Launch Pad, Launch Control Center, Range Control Center, Vehicle Trackking System, Vehicle Assemble Building, Satellite Assemble Building and firing test facilities etc.

Various Consulting

We provide consulting services for the space development, knowledge on import and export, environmental requirements necessary for the rocket launches.

Utility Supply

We procure and supply expected fuels for your rockets and spaceplanes.Fuel: CH4 (LNG), LOX, GHe, LN2, GN2, GOX, Water, Powersource, etc



The Hokkaido Spaceport(HOSPO) will operate two launch sites for orbital and suborbital rocket launches, enabling frequent and reliable launches. HOSPO is already in operation and supporting launches and experiments of private companies, governments, and universities.

Launch Complex-1

Launch Complex-1 has a launch pad for suborbital and orbital vertical launch vehicles, an assembly building, and a propellant tank yard. It also has a Static Firing Test facility.

Launch Complex-2

Launch Complex-2 is a launch site for frequent orbital rocket launches, with a launch pad, assembly building, and propellant tank yard permanently installed.


The 1,000-meter runway attached to Launch Complex-1 can be used for takeoff and landing of test spaceplanes. In the future, the runway will be extended to 3,000 meters to accommodate manned space planes used for space travel.


Part of the Hokkaido Spaceport has been in operation since 1995 and has contributed to the aerospace industry's development by frequently hosting aerospace experiments and rocket launches.

At the Hokkaido Spaceport, Interstellar Technologies Inc. has been conducting launches and firing tests for the suborbital rocket MOMO since 2013. JAXA, universities, and research institutes also conduct experiments. Muroran Institute of Technology opened a satellite office in 2020.



Hokkaido Spaceport gathers businesses engaged in the space industry from all over the world. As an infrastructure that supports the space industry's development, we provide total support from research and development to commercial use.

Launch Service Providers(Vertical Launch Vehicle , Spaceplane)

Satellite development and manufacturing companies

Universities and research institutes


HOSPO stands for “Hokkaido Spaceport”.
HOSPO is built by local government, Taiki-town.
HOSPO is the first public spaceport in Asian region.
Hokkaido Spaceport's sales and PR is subcontracted to the SPACE COTAN Co., Ltd.

Yoshinori Odagiri


Daisuke Ode


Yasuyuki Hoshiba


Mika Nakagami


Name SPACE COTAN Co., Ltd.
Head Office Address 3F Nishihondori 98, Taiki-town, Hiroo,Hokkaido, 089-2152, Japan
CEO Yoshinori Odagiri
Founded Apr. 2021
Capital 50 million JPY
Main Business ・Design, construction, management, and operation of spaceports such as rocket launch sites and test sites
・Launch support for suborbital rockets, orbital rockets and spaceplanes
・Research, consulting , marketing and PR services related to the aerospace business
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Website https://hokkaidospaceport.com